Friday, May 27, 2016

Log Cabins from Board and Batten (2)

Old White Pine Equals Log Cabins

"These solid structures once covered the back wall of my house"

I removed pine board and batten from my house several years ago to make room for cedar siding. The old pine was once a large pile in my yard. Now I am getting to the final pieces as I make solid log cabins for my feathered friends.

"I often call this model a wren house"

Neighbours purchased two similar cabins a few years ago and had wrens living in one of them about two hours after they'd attached it to a backyard tree. I call that 'good reconnaissance' by the wrens.

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Log Cabins from Board and Batten

Leftovers to Logs

"The saws get lots of work when making logs and triangles"

I collected or rescued a good supply of white pine when I removed board and batten from part of my house (replaced by white cedar siding). The pine had been stained with Hunter Green but the process of turning leftovers into logs removed most of it.

The process of making a log cabin is a long one. Hopefully some of the pictures are indeed worth a 1000 words.

 "Assembly time is longer with log cabins than most other birdhouses"

 "A blue wash goes on quickly"

"The sturdy roof will last for many years"

More to follow.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Basic Cedar and Barnboard 3

The Group of Seven - Voila! Fini! 

"All set for a late May birdhouse sale"

I am travelling to the West Coast of Canada in a few days so I put this group of seven cedar birdhouses at the top of my to-do list for a few days.

On Monday I started to add trim, i.e., roof edge trim to each box, and prepped the perches.

And yesterday I finished them all off with solid perches, chimneys and hydro poles.

When I return from Vancouver Island I won't have to rush around to prepare for an upcoming sale, two days after I land back home.

"Voila, in black and white"

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Basic Cedar and Barnboard 2

Assembly Line on the Go

"Red cedar faces and barnboard slats (for sides and roofs)"

Today was a very good day to stand outside and sand lumber. The breeze surely carried the dust all the way to Labatts Park!

Once I had the nail gun loaded, assembly time went by in a flash. Painting.... not as quick. I'm slow with a brush. And careful.

 "Barnboard sides and roofs look good whether painted or not"

"Coming up - a full-on trim day"

More to follow involving second coats and trim.

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Birdhouse Repair: Three for the Price of One

Deal! Three for the Price of One

The original entry hole, badly damaged, is now covered. New trim too

A lady contacted me recently and asked if I repaired birdhouses. I said, "Yes, but it depends. Sometimes they are too badly damaged and a new birdhouse would cost less than the repair."

I visited her and - after a careful assessment of the squirrel damage - told her three birdhouses could be repaired for the price of one new one. That was a good answer.

 "The old face, badly chewed, is replaced with red cedar"

 "Squirrels made quick work of thin sheeting"

"Red cedar, tougher to chew, to the rescue"

Have Hammer, Will Travel.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Basic Cedar and Barnboard 1

First, I Build a Pile

 "Seven sturdy birdhouses hide in this pile of fresh stock"

I built ten basic cedar birdhouses in March and recently noticed they are almost all gone. Time for more, I said yesterday. So, I assembled necessary lumber from stock on-hand, i.e., cedar fence boards and white pine barnboard (and a few leftovers for bases). Shortly thereafter I measured faces, sides, bases and roof slats and cut a pile of stock for seven newbies, or new BHs in this case.

"Just add water!" (A single 'hobbit house' needs some attention too)

Today I will drill entry holes, set up the sander and create dust for an hour. If it's a breezy day, all the better.

More to follow.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Duplexes: "Voila! Fini, Right on Time" 4

Last One Packed Into the Car

"Be careful. The wee birdhouse is still wet"

I set up a tableful of birdhouses at a local school on Friday evening - in hopes of selling a few at a Mothers Day Sale the next day - and the last one readied for display was the above bright red duplex made from new and (mostly) rescued lumber. The paint on the little red birdhouse sitting on the front fence was still wet.

"Don't throw away your wooden spoons!"

Yesterday afternoon, after a relaxing walk-a-jog in Greenway Park (Oh yeah, I was jogging a bit!), I finished the last details on two more duplexes. Pretty solid structures, I must say.

"I like to use wooden spoons, forks and sporks for sperches" : )

The trio is made from rescued lumber for the most part. The only new lumber is the pine barnboard base. And that salad fork was only used once or twice before becoming a useful perch.


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Photos by GH in The Workshop