Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models 8

Strike Up the Band, and Wooden Spoons - Voila!

Batch (of 3) on the left gathered dust until yesterday PM!

One has to return to a two-week-old photo (above) - way back to the beginning of this 'production line' series - to see a lovely set of three western cedar slat birdhouses (with white pine roofs) waiting for attention. Yesterday I blew off the dust and finished adding colourful trim.

I collect wooden spoons from a variety of sources and they always come in handy as perches. The fence slats were rescued from the curb-side the day before yesterday - during an evening walk. A throw-away wooden shelf will provide trim for another half-dozen birdhouses at least.

Together, the spoons and fences make these sturdy western cedar houses a little more interesting for my sharp-eyed feathered friends.

Don't throw away your wooden spoons. Mail them to Santa
Claus and he will get them to me on Christmas Day

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Upcoming Projects: Painted Pine and a Restoration

Time to Take My Time

At end of day I see more work for the morrow

I have a pile of cedar birdhouses demanding attention but I still have a full month to work on them before my next sale. So, no big rush is needed, just a steady push. I also have five white pine models that will all require coats of paint but time is on my side. Two are already painted and ready for assembly, so I will soon have a surface upon which I can paint the rest of the white pine stock (see photo above).

Other projects have come to mind, and one sits outside amongst my ferns, i.e., an old birdhouse that needs some repair and then new coats of paint. Easy - kapeasy? We shall see.... soon.

This one definitely needs some colour : )

More to follow.

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The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models 7

And I say 'Voila'!

Hop vines make a nice backdrop for three sturdy birdhouses

These birdhouses are constructed from faces of red cedar and sides, bases and roofs of white pine barnboard. And when I use white pine the paint pots are never far away.

I think the rescued fence material brightens up the joint

'Voila' means they are finished and just moments away from being placed in storage for my next birdhouse sale (August 28).

Let's see. Three down, 17 to go! So, more details to follow.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Birdhouse Repair: Labatt Park Custom Model (5)

Down to the Last Steps

"Looking good, I say"

This custom four-plex is almost ready for its return trip to Labatt Park, home of Canada's oldest ball park and best hotdogs.

The trim is now fresh in appearance and the third coat of paint is now dry on the new support pole.

Visiting ball teams and umpires have their own dressing rooms

So, today I'll attach the support platform to the pole and deliver the ensemble to the park for placement in a strategic location. I'll also collect the original chimney (w flag attached) and reinstall it on the new cedar roof. All is well, I say.

More to follow.

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White Pine is for Painting 2

Colourful Start

Three more colour combinations are coming up

The white pine cuts and sands easily. It also takes a coat of paint without a lot of fuss and bother - my kind of wood.

Two of five have jumped successfully onto the production line. More to follow.

Dimensions of faces: 9.5" H x 6.5"W. Sides are 5.75" H x 6"W.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

White Pine is for Painting (1)

Painted Pine on the Production Line

The production line inside the workshop just got a wee bit longer. Fifteen cedar models have been joined by five white pine, and as is usually the case, when I get out some white pine I intend to get out some paint brushes as well.

Roof slats, roof ridge, trim, perches, etc., are all coming up next

Early days. More to follow.

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The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models (6)

Paint is Dry, Trim is Piling Up

Ready-made bamboo fences (a rescued dish-dry rack)

Three of a kind - out of 15 cedar birdhouses* (that are assembled and sitting on available surfaces in the workshop) - are now ready for trim, and the trim is ready for them.

Kinda Christmas-y?

Shortly after I plug in the nail gun and attach trim, this set will receive the 'all clear' for delivery, i.e., from the busy shop to a tidy basement shelf.

More to follow,

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Birdhouse Repair: Labatt Park Custom Model (4)

A New Shade of Labatt Blue

Red cedar roof with Labatt Blue paint will stand out (in the rain?)

The restoration project is comely along nicely. The four-plex is definitely sturdier and heavier, with the addition of 4 - 5 dozen nails, and the trim should stand out more than in the past. Dynamic Blue catches the eye - at least up close - in my opinion.

Once the second coats are dry I'll be asking, "Now, where's that chimney?"

More to follow.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Birdhouse Repair: Labatt Park Custom Model (3)

New Roofs and Paint

50 nails later and all is well

The Labatt Park four-plex really needed a new roof over the tallest section and I had some lovely, sturdy cedar slats on hand. First off, however, just to get the motor runnin', so to speak, I added a new slat and coat of paint to another damaged section known as The Ump House.

 The new colour is lighter, funkier than the original Navy Blue trim

 The red cedar should last for several seasons

I'm thinking that a bit more paint is needed to spruce things up

More to follow in the 'Roof and Paint' department.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Birdhouse Repair: Labatt Park Custom Model (2)

New Roof on the Agenda

After close inspection, I see a few significant repairs are needed 

The tallest log cabin section - a duplex, and at the bottom of the pile in this photo - requires a new roof (fortunately, its specialty chimney is safe and secure). Before doing that, however, I will gently hammer 3 - 4 dozen more nails into its logs because that cabin is heavily damaged (and separating into two or three parts) after getting battered about last year.

Another section (closest to us in photo) requires a small amount of roof repair, and fresh paint here and there will shine 'er up, and compliment the rustic tone of most of the birdhouses' exterior surfaces.

I must say, in spite of the battering, this is still one sturdy birdhouse, and within a couple of weeks it should be at home again, safe and sound, in Labatts Park.

Happier days ahead. More to follow.

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The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models (4)

Progress Interruptess, Eh

First coats will continue ASAP. But....

I have had a slow start to motorcycle season, for a variety of reasons, so when I woke up yesterday I felt a ride should be on my agenda for the day. The weather was grand, the bike started up instantly - as if expecting great things - and away we went. (Port Bruce Photos)

Later in the afternoon, as I was about to paint a birdhouse roof, a friend dropped by with cold beverages in tow. Well, it was a hot day, so a slower pace and some 'rec time' were in order.

Yesterday's log: "Not bad at all"

Prediction: Steadier progress w trim today unless 'stuff happens'

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Birdhouse Repair: Labatt Park Custom Model (1)

Taking A Good Look

Hmmm. Several repairs are in order

A few years ago this large four-plex - baseball themed - made its home in Labatt Park and had a relatively good view of the action at home plate. It was aging well, and serving a useful purpose until it suffered a good deal of senseless damage several months ago. I am now going to try to restore it to "as good as new" condition.

 A bit of gray never hurt anybody

 New roof slats and trim will be a good place to start

Hey! Some sections are still in pretty good condition

Well, I've given it a thorough look over. I think careful repairs will win the game.

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The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models (3)

Wren and Chickadee Houses are Finished

It takes only two minutes to hang one in a tree

Eighteen cedar houses are underway (earlier I said '15', but I saw a few more pieces of western cedar hiding in a corner on Monday), and the first set of three crossed the finish line yesterday, shortly after a trip to Home Hardware in Wortley Village for a bit of hardware.

Spot the hardware:

 Eyelets on the rustic cedar roofs hold the sturdy string

 This wing nut may catch a wren's eye

Old style window fasteners make a nice focal point

More to follow.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models (2)

In the Middle of Cedar Cedar Cedar

Even the little chimney is made from cedar

In the middle of cedar, cedar, cedar you will find the word cedar. And that's also what I find in the middle of a batch of birdhouses currently in progress inside the workshop. Delightful wood to measure, cut, assemble and smell all day.

This model is similar in shape to many others I build but seldom is it 100% western red cedar. I like the look of it, and because I am currently surrounded by cedar - a large pile sits just outside the workshop door - I think I'll be building more '100% cedar' models this summer.

I think a bit of cedar trim is on order

More to follow.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models (1)

Four Batches, All in One Go

Set of 3 on the left - rescued western cedar boxes w pine roofs
Set of 3 in middle - red cedar faces w pine sides and roof slats

My next birdhouse sale will be held in late August, so for the next few weeks I will have several different goals in mind while working - in a relaxed manner - inside the workshop.

1. Finish 9 birdhouses (3 x 3 different models), i.e., add trim and paint

2. Deliver a finished squirrel house

3. Sand, assemble, paint and trim 6 additional (new, as of Saturday) red cedar models

4. Draft plans for three new projects. Details to follow

Squirrel house, centre - new and rescued (aged) pine barnboard
Set of 3 wren and chickadee houses on right - new red cedar 

Set of 6 houses - new red cedar for faces, roofs and sides. Smells good!

How does one relax when the temperature hits plus-30 inside the shop?

Turn on the big fan and play cool music!

More to follow.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Squirrel House (4)

A Few More Details

Now we be done!

I said it was done but I was wrong. I posted 'final' photos of a squirrel nesting box yesterday and within 30 seconds I realized I wanted to add two more details.... a railing for the balcony and a branch for the face.

The railing and trim are from lovely bits of Wortley Village lath

Okay, now I can say 'voila'.

: )

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Friday, July 15, 2016

The Squirrel House (3)

One Sturdy Nesting Box

The box, from white and aged pine, stands about two feet high

Finishing touches were applied this afternoon, i.e., complimenting trim, a balcony for easy entry, fasteners to help attach the box to a tree, a small tree branch to allow a squirrel to zip from floor to floor, and latches for the side door.

 A squirrel will get from the top to bottom floor easily

 Side door will provide opportunities for clean-out and photography 

You can remove the top with one hand (while on a ladder perhaps) 

Easy entry - for a squirrel, that is!

Now that the box is done and ready for delivery, I will work on nine birdhouses (3 each of 3 different models), and create sketches for four upcoming and very interesting projects. Next birdhouse sale is in late August so I can move along at a leisurely pace, whatever that is!?

: )

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