Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Funky Birdhouses 7

The Last Two Funkies

I will continue to make birdhouses with curved roofs and lots of trim. Someone recently commented on their "California style". I've also heard that the colours are "Miami style". Whatever the case, I like to do small batches at a time - when I am in the mood to paint and paint and paint.

I will add the yellow perch (golf tee, foreground) and say "Voila!"


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B&W Rustic Duplex

Something From the Old Lumber Pile

Link to B&W Small But Mighty

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Painted Models 2

Rustic Duplex

"The wood is easy to cut, sand and assemble"

The wood for this birdhouse came from a four-foot length of old pine or fir that had once been a joist in a London home. I was given four eight-foot lengths recently (true 2 by 6s) and cut them in half shortly after I reached home - and after checking them carefully for hidden nails. The wood is dry and will make several other decent rustic houses.

 "The base is new pine, gray on both sides"

"I like dressing up perches with odds and sods... and bolts"

After assembling this duplex I wondered if I should just make seven more - with different colour combinations - and be done with the remaining pieces of lumber. I have now decided to sit on this rescued lumber for a week or two... and think about all the lovely possibilities : )

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Small but Mighty B&W

Lined Up Nicely

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Small but Mighty 3

They Keep Sellin'

So, I keep makin' 'em.

These small ones are made from bits of scrap at times (e.g., the faces are 5 by 5 inches, sometimes a bit larger) and the pattern is pretty easy. I'm sure I'll be making them for a long time!

"This is my smallest duplex... for mosquitoes! : ) "

The smallest birdhouse I make (see above) will appear soon on a rustic duplex. Watch for it.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Painted Models

Busy Busy Paint Table

I don't think I've been this busy at the paint table since working on one of 'Gord's Gourds' and three farmhouse-style birdhouses. A 'little free library' and a smaller swap box needed a lot of colour over the last two weeks and now half a dozen other projects are eating up my small table space.

 "Yellow and green roofs on a rustic duplex and small wren houses"

 "One house will sport an orange roof and dynamic blue trim"

"Two funky, curved-roof houses require a lot of bright trim"

More photos to follow as progress continues.

Link to Gord's Gourd 7

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Swap Box Project 3

Going, Going, Gone

I think I allowed the paint to dry on this swap box for two months before it made its way back to the paint table for final touches, i.e., a door w plexiglass, a door pull, a latch and hook, and final pieces of signage that let visitors know about the 'swap box' philosophy.

Take an item, leave an item too... that's the key to swap box success. On my part, all I have to do - before I can say "all done" - is wait for a phone call re a delivery date to a friend who is then going to re-deliver it to my next door neighbours' son.

Hmmm, I wonder if I'll be the one soon digging a hole for the support stand? (No problem, I say. Have shovel, will travel).

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Little Library 12

Some Assembly Required

The little free library for a local children's centre is finished, but for the digging of a hole and placing four screws in just the right location.

Some of the children, and their handy dandy parents, helped with the painting and will perhaps see some of their own handiwork when they open the door and look inside at books and other stuff that can be traded for other books and stuff.

So, when I get the call I will dig a 20-inch deep hole, get the post and platform on the level, then give the signal... to swap stuff to your heart's delight.

Link to Little Library 11

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Small Red Cedar Birdhouses

Small, Basic, Tight Quarters

"A metal bolt makes a sturdy perch"

After finishing a batch of 16 cedar birdhouses recently - using a combination of new and rescued wood - I made four small red cedar houses from fence slats purchased at Home Dept for about $5 apiece. On the batch of 16 I placed the sides on the outer edges of the front and back faces and then covered the butt ends with cedar trim. In that way the base can be 5 inches wide and 6 inches deep, lots of room in other words. But in the above model I attach the sides to the backside of the front face and to the front side of the back, thereby making the base a fair bit narrower. However, some birds don't seem to mind with tighter quarters as long as there is good head room.

Link to 16 Cedar Birdhouses 3

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Small but Mighty 2

Sittin' on the Shelf

"Golf tees are easy to fit into place for a sturdy perch"

Later this morning I will take these small wren and chickadee houses off the shelf and get them ready for an afternoon sale. If you look closely you will see not only a blend of colours but new and rescued lumber used together as well.

Link to Small but Mighty 1

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Bathouse in Barnboard

Bats vs Mosquitoes

 "I will have one of these on display this evening - Mountsfield PS"

I don't have to say much to interest people in putting a bathouse on their property. Some folks want one as soon as they see the above model at a birdhouse sale.... they just don't know where to put it. So, to help in this regard, I have an information sheet handy w instructions and insights from (E.g., put it in a sunny, unobstructed location; 12 - 15 feet high).

Admittedly, all of my birdhouses fill people with great excitement [insert laugh track here : ) ] but few get people talking at great length about mosquitoes and other pests like the bathouse.

"Heading for the moon"

Today and tomorrow I will have a table set up - w bathouses and 10 other types of birdhouses... and whatnots) at a sale at Mountsfield Public School in Old South London (from 4 - 7 PM). Pop by and say hello.

Link to another birdhouse made from barnboard - Barnboard Schoolhouse

Photos by GH

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Barnboard Schoolhouse

Summer is Over!

I don't know why I don't make more of these each year. The gray barnboard gives the right look, they are fairly easy to put together, and once made they soon fly off the shelf. I think I just have to be in the right mood, and early September - for some strange reason - seems to be the perfect time. (As a retired teacher, this is one schoolhouse with which I don't mind being involved).

Link to White Barnboard Special w Porch

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Little Library 11

Trim Does the Trick

Most of the trim - painted by children at a nearby Learning centre - was attached without a fuss. Only one or two pieces had to be cut to make a perfect fit. Plexiglass door is next on the list.

This little free library will stand out from the crowd, for certain!

More to follow.

Link to Little Library 10

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Small but Mighty 1

For Wrens and Chickadees

I think this batch of five small houses will be pretty colourful by the time I'm done later this afternoon. They still need a bit of trim, a perch, and a piece of string.  More photos to follow.

Link to Tiny Houses from Scrap

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

16 Cedar Birdhouses 3

Perches in Place

The other day I added perches to half a big batch of cedar houses just in time for a weekend sale in Lambeth. People like $15 and $20 birdhouses and I like making a bench load at a time.

If you want me to save you a half-dozen gimme a call.

: )

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Little Library 10

Where's My Hammer?

It's time to start adding the trim. Once I find my hammer you will hear it tap, tap, tappin' away.

Link to Little Library 9

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16 Cedar Birdhouses 2

All Set for Perches

I think I've added enough trim to catch a bird's eye (and a buyer's) and hide the butt ends of the sides. Today I will work on eight perches, so half of this looong batch will be ready for an upcoming Saturday sale.

Link to 16 Cedar BHs 2

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