Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wee Side Job 7

Frames and Platforms

 "Pine platforms w conditioner, cabernet stain and varnish"

Wood conditioner and coats of varnish are dry and finishing touches can be completed during spare time over the next few days.

Once I add the classy brass drawer pulls you will see why I like custom shadow boxes as art pieces.

"A titch of cabernet on the western cedar frames as well"

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Custom Birdhouse 7

Getting Ready for the Roof

This custom house has been tricky colour-wise. I wasn't happy with brown front doors so I shifted the colour palette a bit and, after I apply a darker coat of orange the doors will be finished. Then the roof can go on.

Then I need to add a dormer with stained glass window to boot. Tricky business still, but the end is in sight.

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Ten Barnboard Birdhouses 6

Trim Package and Perches

What did I say? "Fini" by Wednesday? Hey, it could happen.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

B & W Wee Side Job

Classy and Brassy

Wood conditioner is applied, first coat of varnish is dry. Rich-looking shadow boxes are coming along well. in my brassy opinion.

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Ten Barnboard Birdhouses 5

Waiting for Last Steps

Six barnboard birdhouses with painted roofs are sitting around, collecting a bit of dust. That's 'cause it takes a while to put the trim package together and assemble proper perches.

If all goes according to Hoyle, and it almost never does (!), by Wednesday you will hear me say, "Fini."

Harrison Specials

Cedar from Joe's Dock

 "I started this batch yesterday PM, using Joe's western cedar"

I think I made about a dozen Harrison Specials a month or so ago, all from lumber from Fenelon Falls. Some lumber was new (gray pine barnboard), some was rescued from Mr. J. Flagler's dock reno (western cedar).

Both models were solid and roomy. And popular. I only have one left. So, more to follow this week.

: )

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wee Side Job 6

Rare Drawer Pulls

Two years ago a couple of rare, finely crafted drawer pulls - inside a glass cabinet at Habitat for Humanity - caught my eye. This week I dusted them off and cut lumber for two small shadow boxes.

I have already stained the platforms and will varnish them along with a pair of dark cedar frames soon, then assemble.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Ten Barnboard Birdhouses 4

Stick a Fork in Them

These two 'shorties' are done.

"Freebie, for Lady Bugs"

After I added a perch to the wooden fork I stapled a wee stump to the front face. Then I attached a little something to the stump so that I can say, "And this barnboard beauty comes with a free birdhouse! How 'bout that, eh!"

Pretty clever, I might add.

: )

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Photos and Silly Jokes by GH

Ten Barnboard Birdhouses 3

Yup, Still in Progress

These things take time.

"Beauties - with wooden spoons included - for the back yard"

I usually add wee cats to the wee benches. But my mind is turning over a new idea for that empty space (between my ears?). Stay tuned.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

B & W Barnboard Birdhouse

Naturally Knotty

This roof does not require paint.

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Larger Red Cedar Birdhouses 6

Where's the Smile?

 "Black cat, sittin' pretty, needs a wide grin"

I have finished adding trim to this batch of cedar birdhouses but I feel something is missing.

Eight cats sit peacefully on eight benches beside eight wee birdhouses. But not one smile among them.

Note to self - Add eight smiles.

Then, "Fini!"

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Ten Barnboard Birdhouses 2

Work in Progress

"Waiting for trim" 

The gray barnboard from Handley Lumber Mill in Fenelon Falls cuts, sands and assembles like a charm. Looks very good too, in my opinion.

I will leave four with natural roofs and paint the other six. Hopefully, I will be ready for a 'full-on' trim day by the weekend.

"Ready for paint"

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

B & W Larger Cedar Models

Not Quite 'Fini'

I will assemble perches for this pair, and more like it, after my PM walk.

Photo GH

Ten Barnboard BHs 1

New Batch Underway

A particular pile of stock gathered dust for two weeks inside the workshop but yesterday I went to town. I sanded every piece n the pile and drilled holes in the front faces. Turned on the air compressor, fired a decent number of nails.

'Grey on both sides' barnboard stock is some of my favourite and once I get started on a pile of stock the dust really flies. Five are 8 inches, the rest are 9 inches tall. And I say, finished by Friday.

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Larger Red Cedar Birdhouses 5

Most Trim Attached (Not Quite All)

I applied a lot of trim to eight birdhouses yesterday, as if by assembly line.

This afternoon I will assemble 8 distinctive perches, attach them, and say "Voila!"*

Link to more from The Workshop

*In workshop parlance, Voila means Fini

"Not quite Fini!"

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

B & W Slate Roof

Western Cedar and Historic Slate

I will use the slate in a variety of ways as time goes slowly by, in appreciation of old lumber and even older stone.

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Larger Red Cedar BHs 4

First, Paint the Cats

I have eight cedar birdhouses ready for a 'full-on' trim day. The trim includes windows, hydro poles, benches, perches, wee birdhouses (one for each bench) and more.

Before I start nailing the bits into place I must sand rough spots off eight cats, then paint them a variety of colours. Fussy felines!

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Larger Red Cedar 3

Eight BHs, Various States of Progress

 "I may keep the dark western cedar model on bottom row!" 

I think this batch of birdhouses will grab some attention. Good size, great materials, including dark western cedar and slate that comes all the way from Newfoundland and Scotland.

"No paint required. Rustic models appeal to many people"

Three will be left in their natural colours. Five will have painted roofs, and one of those will get a slate roof, the first time I've used that material. But definitely not the last.

"Beautiful century-old slates from St. Paul's Cathedral"

"Slate makes birdhouse weigh a tonne but a sturdy pole will support it"

My supply of slate will be used a variety of ways, e.g., upon more BHs, atop some small tables, inside shadow boxes. Sky's the limit, I think.

At any rate, this batch of eight is moving along well and should have all trimmed applied by 5 PM today. Then, off to storage, 'cause more projects are on my lengthy to-do list.

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Basic Western Cedar Birdhouses 5

Ready for Storage

"Western red cedar faces, sides, roofs and bases : ) Solid comfort" 

I think it was on Friday - just before company arrived - I moved this batch of birdhouses out of the workshop, into the house and onto basement shelves.

"Lots of trim and good character too!"

Though I consider these to be small birdhouses the interior space is quite good, at least 30 square inches of floor space for a songbird's nest.

The 'birdhouse-building-production-line' is now back in action and by the end of this week I can almost guarantee another dozen and a half birdhouses will join these in storage.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Basic Western Cedar 4

Lined Up for Trim

Eight small and basic BHs help fill a shelf inside the workshop.

Time for trim.

(Larger cedar models are next.)

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B & W Wee Side Job

Ready to Roll

I build shadow boxes from old cedar to house old items.

Don't throw out yer dented Dinky Toys! Call me.

: )

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Wee Side Job 5

Wee Modification

I know. The shadow boxes with Dinky Toys was done a few days ago. Finished. But something didn't sit right re the original barnboard outer frame.

So I replaced it with old western cedar from the same lot from which the two boxes were built.

I feel better now.

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