Friday, April 21, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Progress Continues (8).

Two for a Park are Finished

Wee 'community libraries' stand tall atop a workshop table. Voila. Fini.

People in the know will be able to spot a couple of differences between these and earlier models.

Because gray-on-both-sides barn board has dried up I now use white pine barn board, knowing it will turn a golden bronze colour over the first two years before showing signs of very light gray.

Because I am out of tongue and groove cedar (1/2-inch thick; also rare) I now use 1-inch thick cedar decking for roofs and trim, and make my own ship lap or overlap style for the roofs. Finished libraries are at least 5 pounds heavier as a result.

Dimensions are slightly bigger than in the past. So, now that they are heavier on two counts, installation should be a lot more fun! : )

Still the same: Board and batten walls and some splashes of colour still seem to set them off nicely, in my opinion.


Last photo: A third model, for another client, is almost finished. An interior shelf requires paint and installation, signage is needed over the front door, and the platform and stand need to be painted and assembled.

So, guess what is on my to-do list this weekend?

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Progress Continues (7).

Finishing Touches

Three little free libraries are in the final stretch.

Doors fit nicely and hardware (hinges, door pulls, latches and catches) are solid.

Signage will be attached tomorrow and support poles will be attached to platforms at least by Friday.

 Solid doors and hinges

 Solid door pulls and latches

 Catches (tried and true, above and below) keep doors from rattlin'

Soon, I will be digging a post hole.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Progress Continues (6).

Final stages are the order of the day for three 'little free libraries'.

A bit more cedar exterior trim is needed for one of them. Nicely painted platforms have to be attached to sturdy five-foot poles (4" x 4" in size). And a pile of signage needs to be finished and then attached in all the right places.

 Platforms are dry and ready to be attached to support poles

 Finished poles and platforms will look like the above

Lots of painting this weekend!

If all goes well I will be digging holes in a community park some time next week!

: )

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Progress Continues (5).

Platforms and Signage (Lotsa Signage)

Sturdy red rain guards are in place

One of three still requires cedar batten (to complete for the board and batten look). Then doors, latches, platforms and collars, posts and signage need to be finished. In other words, lots on the go inside the workshop.

I think I've timed my projects not too badly  this spring. The 'little free libraries' (large projects) are coming to a close and the start of 'birdhouse season' (small projects) is a week or two away.

Collars and platforms look better with a touch of paint

Signage, lotsa signage is underway

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