Friday, September 9, 2016

Harrison Specials - Trending 1

Eight in a Crate

The special model has a side apartment for added floor space

The other day, after looking at wood supplies on hand (cluttering my limited workshop space), I asked myself, "Self, is it time for a few Harrison Specials?"

Affirmative. I soon had a pile of assorted pieces of red cedar (for faces and sides) and white pine (for bases and roof slats) cut and ready for sanding. Shortly thereafter I sorted out two models for immediate assembly (no painting required) and six for red and blue bases and roof tops. Easy kap-easy, as I like to say.

 Bases, to the right of red cedar stock, are approx. 10" x 9"

 Roof slats, four per main apartment, are lined up like ducks in a row

 Red cedar side apt., here with cedar shake roof, adds 15 sq. inch space

Add trim and a perch and we shall be ready to go

The first two are now "trimmed up pretty" and ready for a crate labelled 'Voila, Fini!' The other six will follow shortly.

Stay tuned.

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