Wednesday, October 5, 2016

J.R. Models and a Bathouse (1)

Western Cedar and White Pine Barnboard

The list of birdhouses I will build before closing time (Nov. 30) is getting shorter. And for my last few efforts I was very pleased to find some lovely lumber waiting in the wings.

The western cedar (from 1" x 8" slats), looking very clean and rustic at the same time, will make sturdy J.R.-style houses*. (Link to J.R. Davidson for details.) And the pine barnboard, once sanded, will make a sturdy bathouse for someone to attach to a tall pole or under the roof edge of a barn or out-building.

Green roofs are drying. Stock for a bathouse wait for sanding.

I need to sand the many pieces, then scroll a bat!

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*I call my JR-style houses the GH model. Extensively modified.

Photos GH

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