Friday, October 14, 2016

J.R. Models and a Bathouse (2)

Green Roofs and a Black Bat

I think red cedar (rescued, Home Depot*) is an excellent and affordable choice for a JR-style birdhouse. Teak, aluminum plate and chromium screws (see original JR Davidson models online) are a bit out of my league. The perch is a solid drawer handle and the trim is century old red pine. Together, with a touch of green paint, my GH models will stand out well, on a fence post or side of a tree.

GH model is ready to be attached to a sturdy pole or tree trunk

 The bathouse, made from white pine barn board (new, from Home Depot), is another solid model and helps the bat population increase over the years. Old South in the Wortley Village area dropped in numbers a few years ago but are again - gradually  on the rise.

Batman - at your service!

*If I spot red cedar boards w damaged edges I ask for them.... at half price. Fits into the 'rescued' category, in my opinion.

Please link to J.R. Models and a Bathouse (1)

Photos GH

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