Friday, January 6, 2017

The Workshop in Review, 2016 (2).

Gray Barnboards from PEI - Top Rate.

Only enough lumber for three or four models

I remember the day in PEI, visiting my sister Lannie and her hubby Jim, that I spotted a small number of 5-inch wide slats of gray barnboard in Jim's 'burn pile'. They were soon rescued, safely tucked into the back of a truck - and once back in London - carted into my workshop.

I produced a few good-sized 'PEI-style' birdhouses, and they didn't last long. At my next birdhouse sale the rustic, solid, PEI lumber was a big hit.

Gray barnboard and western cedar, a nice combo.

The good-sized model inspired a somewhat smaller one, using the last of my own gray barnboard. I used white pine slats for roofs and painted them up and stacked them up - and they didn't last long as well.

Seven birdhouses waiting for granite counter tops and wifi connections : )

I have one left of each size and will save them for Gathering on The Green (big Old South event and vendors' sale) in June.

Please link to The Workshop in Review, 2016 (1).

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