Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Workshop in Review, 2016 (1).

From Last to First in One Fell Swoop.

I found two chairs on the curb. "Clean us up," they said. 

In December, 2015, while out for a walk, I found two old deck chairs (made of teak and metal) on a curb. I dragged them home with plans to sand and varnish the lumber, clean up and paint the rusted metal, and then reassemble them and sell them for a million dollars.

Sometime early in the New Year, 2016 I felt I had stared at them long enough and returned them to the curb, this time in front of my house. They were soon gone and are now long forgotten.

Instead of cleaning up the chairs at year's end (2015), I tidied up the shop and swept in the New Year with a party. Sun of a Gunderson, that was a much better way to welcome 2016 than stripping two old chairs.

Well-lit Workshop, January 2016

Photo files indicate that my first project for 2016 began in March and consisted of a big batch of cedar and pine birdhouses.

An even dozen?

Please link to The First Batch of the Season

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