Monday, March 6, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Well Underway (2).

Good Progress - Solid Cedar Roofs.

The tall and the short of it!

The two cedar roofs are very solid - made from 1-inch thick deck boards - and each roof slat overlaps its neighbour to prevent leakage. Measuring and cutting 'the overlaps' is a slow process but very much worth the effort if each piece eventually slides into place beside its neighbour without complaint. (And, there were no complaints over the weekend inside the workshop).

 The short boy is up front, the tall boy is behind it, ready to go

 Now, side by each, the difference in height can be seen clearly

Each roof slat overlaps with the next. Rain, go away!

This week I will continue work on front doors, trim, signage and a few other details.

Stay tuned.

Please link to Little Free Libraries, Well Underway.

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