Friday, March 3, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Well Underway.

Getting Ready For a Rewarding Spring.

One Library ready for delivery, Another is underway.

Morse Code in the snow outside the workshop.
"Spring is coming soon, so get busy, Gord" 

Good thing I have a dependable heater inside the shop. The last few days have been kinda chilly and I hate using the table saw and sander when my hands are cold.

I find it is very difficult to change a saw blade in winter. Nuts, bolts, wrenches and blades are very cold to the touch and it's almost impossible to replace one blade with another. And when I sand lumber with cold fingers I cannot feel when my fingertips are skimming over the sandpaper (and losing skin) - until I wash my hands for supper! Eeeyouch!! 

That being said, during a warm spell I got a head start on a lengthy spring "to-do list" and good progress is being made on 'little community library' projects.

Two new libraries for a London park are on the move. 

 I keep to a strict script. The weather does not!

Just wait 'til you see the sturdy cedar roof and solid front door.

With a half-dozen birdhouses in the batter's box, and in spite of the snow, I'll soon be cutting strips of white pine for a front door and a stack of cedar for trim.

More to follow.

Please link to Upcoming Projects: Libraries and a Shadow Box.

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