Thursday, May 3, 2018

Little Library - Ready to Roll.

First of 2018, Not the Last.

[Photo: These libraries are big and sturdy and heavy : )]

I'm going to have to start working out!

I have grown the libraries to their optimum size. If I grow them any bigger I won't be able to lift them or pop them into the back seat of my Honda Civic for delivery.

I'm thinking about shrinking the next model - due end of May or June - by one inch in every dimension, and will see if that helps. Otherwise, it's back to the gym for me!

Now, back to a six-pack of western cedar birdhouses.

More to follow from The Workshop.

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  1. I notice your reference to "a six-pack" and "back to the gym." Very clever collusion of references, Mr. Harrison.

  2. I'm still four muscles short of six-pack.