Monday, May 28, 2018

Western Cedar Birdhouses for GOG1.

Gathering on the Green is Coming Soon.

And I'll be ready with Log Cabins and GH-Style Houses (GH above).

I am participating in fewer craft sales for a variety of reasons. I am making more 'little free libraries' and 'swap boxes' and 'custom orders' - always busy with a special project - and I like going for walks and runs six days per week (The Beatles even wrote a song about it!) and I like to travel and do more research and ride my motorcycle and enjoy Key Lime ice cream in Port Bruce and I'm getting older and, and, and.... and if I follow this line of reasoning my head will explode.

That being said, finished birdhouses will drop off the end of the assembly line this week for London's Gathering on the Green, a major-league crafters' sale. I'll catch them, dust them off for a photo, then stack them on shelves in the basement, ready for GOG1 (and 2).

GH-Style: Caught and Dusted and Photographed - 

 Western cedar box with a varnished plywood roof.

Solid cedar support at back. "It will be hanging up in two minutes!"

 "Don't throw out your wooden spoons. Call me."

Please link to The Shop is Open, Already Dusty.

Photos GH.

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