Sunday, July 29, 2018

Western Red Cedar Birdhouses for GOG2, PT.1

Nine Players Per Team

Three cedar birdhouses just hangin' around outside the workshop.

Shortly after assembling a batch of small cedar houses for neighbourhood wrens or chickadees, and after hanging them out to dry for photographs, I started measuring and cutting more cedar stock for a team of nine larger models.

What have we got here?

 Western Cedar birdhouse faces, bases, sides and roof slats - ready for sanding.

 Sanding done. Entry holes cut, sanded. Tools assembled.

 First two are done in a matter of minutes.

Stack 'em, pack 'em, get ready for trim.

Gathering on the Green II will be held on Sunday, August 19 (11 - 6pm), one day after I return from a wee vacation. So, as they say where I grew up: "Youse gotta be ready."

More to follow.

Please link to Big Job, Little Houses 1

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