Thursday, August 9, 2018

Western Red Cedar Birdhouses for GOG2, PT.2

Nine Houses on the Market

[Photo: Easy perches - drawer pulls and wooden spoons]

August 19 is circled on my calendar. Gathering on the Green II. Set up a table at 10 AM. Open the door at 11.

I will display about three dozen birdhouses, mostly red cedar. I will have a few other items on hand as well, in an effort to clean out my workshop of 'stuff'.

Close Ups:

 The perch weighs six pounds! That's quite the drawer pull!

I collect wooden spoons. Don't throw them out! Call me : )

The workshop should be closed by mid-October after I finish two more little free libraries. Until then, I'll keep chugging along, broom at the ready.

This is - officially - the last batch of the season

Photos GH

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