Saturday, August 6, 2016

Birdhouse Repair: Labatt Park Custom Model 7

The Cherry On Top

I heard the sharp crack of a bat and knew a hardball was on its way out of the park. Where it landed surprised many folks, even those who thought they'd seen it all.

The ball landed on a chimney well outside the park.

That was one well hit ball


(Installation TBA)

Photos GH


  1. Outstanding work, Gord!

    The longest ball hit out of Labatt Park in its 139-year history.

  2. The distance from home plate to the workshop is about one mile. Strong southerly wind helped.

  3. I'm going to the Majors' game this afternoon. 1:05 pm start. My brother Darrell says he's going as well. Game 3 of the series with Guelph. London leads the series 2-0.