Friday, August 26, 2016

Good Salvage - Rescued Lumber 1

A Quick and Easy Job

The two on the right are from select, rescued lumber

The phone rang last week and the following conversation began:

LP: My wife and I are moving in the spring. I am cleaning lumber out of the garage and thought of you.

GH: I'll be over in five.

From LP's stash I selected odd bits of plywood, pine slats of various widths and a pile of cedar shakes. (About the shakes I was thinking.... roofing material for birdhouses.)

I did not select a ton of odds and sods, but likely enough for 10 - 12 rustic looking birdhouses.

Here is the first one - total cost to me $1.00 for the metal perch, and a few cents for nails and screws - with a cedar shake roof:

 Faces are from lovely rustic fir; the first roof is 1/4" plywood

Cedar shake roof atop the plywood 

 I buy bits and bobs for unique perches

Rescued lumber oft-times looks pretty rustic. Thumbs up, I say

One more will quickly follow.

Please link to another rescue... Birdhouse Trim, Perches and Stands 3

Photos GH

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