Friday, August 19, 2016

The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models 9


Premium western cedar slat birdhouses, among my favourites

Once I'd walked three white pine painted models (on stands and metal poles) to my storage area, I had room to spread out a bit inside the workshop. And I was finally able to finish off three western cedar models that had been waiting for attention for quite some time.

I added trim and perches, took a few pictures and walked them into storage as well. A good day's work, I say.

 I won't paint premium cedar roof slats

 This one comes with a free spatula!

 Free fork!

One roof slat can be removed to provide access for spring cleaning.
(Note the two screws on closest roof slat. )

Did I mention the free wooden spoon?

FYI - the body of the birdhouse is made up of eight cedar slats, each 6" wide, 2.5 inches tall and 0.5 inches thick. The 8 slats adhere to 4 corner posts (or a wooden skeleton) inside the body. The base is about 5" x 6" (30 sq. in. interior is a good size) and roof slats (8.5 x 2.75 x 0.5) are attached to 2 cedar triangles that are themselves affixed to the body. Not as complicated as it sounds.

FYI - Don't throw out yer wooden utensils. Call me : )

Please link to The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models 8 

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