Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Little Library: Final Touches (1).

Last of Its Kind.

The gray barnboard is the last in stock, perhaps forever!!

I'm going to miss loading up the trunk of my Honda Civic with 16-footers of gray barnboard from Fenelon Falls. I enjoyed a handshake deal with a local lumber yard for several years, but it has come to an end. (If you hear a lonely coyote howling at the moon, that could be me!)

That being said, I have also enjoyed the process of turning the last of the barnboard into a 'little free library' for someone in my community. The gray lumber, rich brown cedar roof and sturdy red door (w plexiglass) look A1, in my opinion, and I am but a few days away from adding the final touches, i.e., attaching signage, placing a few used books inside and making a delivery.

 A bit of painting yet to do before I can say, "Fini! Voila!"

Stay tuned.

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