Friday, December 30, 2016

Little Library: Final Touches (4).

Voila! Fini!

Signage Tells the Tale. All Done!

When I attached the final sign this morning, bottom of the front door, I gave a little cheer. Looks good, I thought. Then I opened and closed the door a few times. Feels good, I said to myself. Good n sturdy!

 Five feet of post. Have shovel, will travel.

Red arrows are on each side of the library too. Good 'sell job'.

I think I can say this now.... the workshop is officially closed for the rest of 2016!

(That being said, with three little free libraries on order, I will be opening its door early February, sooner if I get the itch.)

Stay tuned for 2016 IN REVIEW.

Please link to Little Library: Final Touches (3).

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