Thursday, December 22, 2016

Little Library: Final Touches (2).

Final Little Jobs on the Big Project

The Little 'Free' Library stands ready for the Final Touches

As I come down to the wire I have to inspect the library closely. I see I need to give the plexiglass a wipe - it collects dust like a magnet - then vacuum the interior and check the security system.

 All four walls and roof panels are solid. No 'wobblies'. Check.

 Solid pine strips inside door frame are solid, will act a drip edge. Check.

 Base is tight, as are ship lap edges on three walls. Check.

 Corners look and feel snug. Check.

 Door catch lines up with outer door snap. Snap! Check.

Platform and collar for the five-foot 4" x 4" support post are painted!

So, I can begin work on the last little job.... signage. Check.

First, I need a cup of dark roast to steady my nerves. 

More to follow.

Please link to Little Library: Final Touches (1).

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