Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Swap Box Scene 5.

Moving Along Nicely.

Solid door and lots of signage and trim.

The plexiglass door is not only assembled and attached, it opens and closes smoothly - no mean trick.

This week I have been adding second coats of paint to signage and the support system (i.e., the ground anchor, platform, collar, wooden pole), and when seen all together it looks somewhat like a colourful jigsaw puzzle.

The yellow pole will be attached both to a ground anchor
and a yellow platform with blue collar.

Second coats dry. A birdhouse, two more swap boxes and
'little library' await their turn, sitting in the background.

Blue collar and platform are assembled, atop two swap boxes. Signage dries.

What piece goes where? All will be revealed in good time. Say, by the end of the week.

Final touches to follow.

Please link to Swap Box Scene 4.

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