Monday, August 7, 2017

Swap Box Scene 6.

A Door Knob, a Latch, a Dab of Paint.

We're 5 minutes away from saying, "Voila!"

After I added signage to the door and top of the swap box with screws, I dabbed a bit of plastic wood overtop screw heads, to hide them from view.

The dabs need time to dry before I sand them down and add the final dab - or two or three - of paint to the signs.

 The whole ensemble.

 Solid and colourful pole, platform and ground anchor.

Sharp-eyed viewers will also notice the door knob is missing (while paint dries on the door) and a front door latch is still required.

Five minutes. 1 2 3. That's all that's needed.

Final photos coming up.

Please link to Swap Box Scene 5.

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