Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Last Projects 2017 (2).

Bird Feeder Times Two.

[Photo: Early stages of development]

I have constructed several western cedar bird feeders over the years, but when a client requested a certain type recently, with plexiglass sides and a hinged door, I had to travel a different route. However, since I've had good practice working with plexiglass (for the doors of swap boxes and little libraries), I don't think the project will be difficult to complete before the date of The Big Sweep, i.e., this weekend.

 I'll modify and tidy up the sketch after the project is finished.

 Slots for the plexiglass

Why make just one? 

When I found a spare minute or two I dressed up a western cedar rustic to catch somebody's eye during my last birdhouse sale in December. December 2, Wesley Knox United Church. Pop by if you can!

And concerning the bird feeders, I look forward to more good progress on the two pine models this afternoon. Might even be adding first coats of paint by 4 PM.

More to follow.

Please link to Last Projects 2017 (1).

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