Friday, October 13, 2017

Last Projects 2017 (4).

Two Bird-Feeders Taking Shape.

Link to cedar feeder for more details

Some questions about feeding birds have a straight-forward answer. Q: What is an easy way to feed birds? A: Toss various seeds onto an open tray that - to a bird - feels safe. (See western cedar example above).

Other models of bird feeders can get quite complicated - e.g., with spring-loaded stands - in order to defeat constant harassment from squirrels. The two feeders I am building now are less complicated and will not defeat squirrels entirely, but will frustrate their attempts to get a free and easy meal every time they visit a person's yard.

Photos will share some details about the feeders but readers will still need to imagine others:

Two sides will hold plexiglass that will act as sturdy barriers.
Keep seeds inside. Keep squirrels outside.

 One side of each feeder now has an opening as wide as a seed scoop

 Cutting an opening for a wee door is easy work with a scroll saw

 Hinges and latches will be attached once second coats are dry

 Interior frame prevents the door from getting pushed inward
by a muscular squirrel or raccoon.

I imagine the roofs need paint and trim.

More to follow.

Please link to Last Projects 2017 (3).

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