Sunday, October 15, 2017

Last Projects 2017 (5).

One Library, Two Feeders and a Swap Box Repair.

[Photo: In 30 minutes this library will be moved to storage]

The Big Sweep (closure of the workshop) has been delayed.... but not for long. Three projects are approaching the stage that I now call 'last tasks for 2017' and my trusty broom stands at the ready.

The 'Little Library' (above photo) only requires a few pieces of trim before I move it into storage.

Two feeders (one already sold) are moving steadily toward the finish line.

 Slots for plexiglass are in place; small touch ups required w red paint

 Doors and interior frame are also ready for touchups

 Paint dries very slowly when I stand around and watch!

Doors fit nicely. Soon I will add the plexiglass and roof.

I was asked to replace the broken metal pole on a Swap Box recently, and once I took a look at the situation I felt a wee touch up of the entire box was in order too. So, new paint, new pole, new collar and platform are now underway.

Easy kap-easy so far:

More to follow on the 'last tasks' in the workshop (2017 version). 

Please link to Last Projects 2017 (4).

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