Monday, May 8, 2017

First Batch of the Birdhouse Season (2).

Lots of Marine Varnish and Red Paint.

I don't know when I'll run out of marine varnish. Maybe not for ten years. But the red paint? I go through a can or two per year. (Might be because of my taste for burgers).

The Red Barn, Dundas St. East. Photo Credit: UWO Archives
As found at London Ontario Blast from the Past, Facebook

Perhaps more memories of the popular burger barn will be stirred once I finish a few Red Birdhouses using white pine.

My work is stacking up!

Some birdhouses will have natural wood roofs, no paint or varnish.

Nine will sport two coats of Behr Marine Varnish

Several others will light up a tree branch with a splash of Apple Red

Progress continues. More photos to follow.

Please link to First Batch of the Birdhouse Season (1).

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