Wednesday, May 24, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (7).

A Few at a Time.

I believe that slow and steady progress wins the day when it comes to birdhouse building, and other aspects of life.... like my running program (insert laugh track here).

So, to see five of eighteen cedar birdhouses ready for 'finishing touches' gives me some pleasure. Once the chimney is painted and a few other wee details are completed I can move forward with the next batch.

 A chimney cap and "free birdhouse" sit on a finished bench.
Five minutes of work = fini.

Above: Birch plywood roof on a GH model, trimmed with western cedar, requires a 2nd coat of varnish. Perch plus added trim, coming up next.

Above: 2nd coat of varnish needed on a J.R. Davidson model, then I'll add a cedar support stick to the back.

Working at a nice steady pace, I should have a good supply of new birdhouses finished on time - for Gathering on the Green, June 3.

More to follow....

Please link to First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (6).

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