Tuesday, May 16, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (3).

How Many Batches? I'm Losing Count!

18 cedar houses, with trim, are now ready for paint.

Something happened while working on my first batch of 18 cedar birdhouses for the season. I turned around, spotted some useful pine lumber and started another batch (11). Then I turned around again and started another batch (9) and then another (12), and then another (6). That's 56, neatly stacked.

And there may be more batches around here somewhere, but - as I discovered in the past - once the saws are set up and shelf space is available, I just keep on going.

Progress is Positive:

 11 white pine models are ready for paint on roof tops.

 9 more white pine models need to be sanded.

 12 J.R. models, made of premium cedar, are ready for assembly.

6 more red cedar boxes need roofs and assembly time.

More to follow, I'm certain.

Please link to First Batch of the Birdhouse Season (2).

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