Sunday, May 28, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (9).

From Shop to Shelf.... On Schedule!!

Slowly but surely, I am moving finished birdhouses onto shelves in my storage area (aka basement) one week ahead of Gathering on the Green. Why, when I pack my car on Friday night I'll have lots to choose from and all the red paint and varnish will be thoroughly dry.

Red cedar birdhouse with varnished pine roof:

Red cedar 'GH Model' (my version of a JR Model) with painted pine roof:

GH Model with varnished birch plywood roof, trimmed out w western cedar:

Feels good to turn around in the shop without knocking a pile of stock onto the floor. And I can see the workbench!

More finished models to follow.

Please link to First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (8).

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