Thursday, June 1, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (12)

Out of the Paint Can.


I've been painting white pine birdhouses for a few weeks, a coat here, a coat there. And every day now a few more models reach the end of the assembly line.

Colours: Out of the paint can and onto the pine. Voila!

On Saturday, at Gathering on the Green, a few will sell and over the summer buyers will find that the houses are more than colourful. They are practical, functional homes for birds and their offspring.

Workshop Public Address System: "The manager of The Workshop would like to thank the employees in charge of building perches, attaching and varnishing perches, and displaying finished models for classy photos of the J.R. Models. Good work, fellas. No, you're not getting a raise but please be on hand for Happy Hour - 5 p.m., on Friday - to receive your 'Recognition Award', if the manager actually recognizes you."

Western cedar J.R. Models:

Photos GH

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