Thursday, June 29, 2017

Western Cedar Bird Feeder (1).

The Birds Love Them!

Cedar stock for two feeders sits ready for sanding.

Frequently people tell me stories about the birds that visit their backyard feeder, and a note of enthusiasm is usually heard in their voice. And if they have a long-standing feeder, they usually have lots of good stories.

When asked to build a feeder I quickly think about the lumber I have on hand. If I don't have enough good cedar in the shop, then I'll go get some. For me, cedar feeders are the way to go.

Photos show "work in progress":

 "21-inch roof slats will overlap, 3/4-inch shiplap-style"

 "Dark western cedar supports sit inside the 16-inch long seed tray"

 "Roof supports are cut at a 22.5 degree angle"

"Wide roof panels will protect the seed tray from rough weather"

Before adding trim to the roof edges and seed tray, I will secure the roof with nails and screws.

Then, I will prepare a pole and platform for the feeder. Should be ready in a matter of a few hours.

Final photos to follow.

Photos GH

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