Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Tall Boy" Library (5).

Finishing Touches.

Good times. A few more 'touch ups' and the little library will be ready to roll.

Well, I should say "more than a few." The triangular sign needs a few dabs of yellow paint to hide plastic wood that hides wood screws. Signage needs a second coat and more colour. Once dry, the signs need to be attached. Then, one final, significant task....

 "Lookin' better now."

 "Signage gets a first coat."

 "A bit more colour now"

 "All signs are in place."

 "The signs tell the wee library philosophy.... trade books!"

Now, if I can lift this "wee (but very heavy) library" into the back seat of my Honda, I will have it delivered within the hour.

Please link to "Tall Boy" Library (4).

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