Saturday, September 23, 2017

DIYs (1).

White Pine and Cedar.

[Photo: White pine DIYs: Pat's very good idea]

A few years ago my lovely wife suggested I make do-it-yourself kits for Father's Day. I heard what she said - it sounded like a great idea - but I had my hands full at the time, so I didn't act on the idea.

This year, though no photos from the workshop related to DIYs have appeared (again, my hands were full), I have added birdhouse kits to my list of things to do and have produced and bagged dozens so far, from white pine and red cedar. And more are needed, so I will show a few pics on this space now.

From along the way:

 A table full of white pine houses, similar to DIYs, early days.

 Once painted, the DIY could look like the above (all trim not included).

 The red cedar DIY model looks similar to this type of house.

 Preparing instruction sheets was a difficult task!

Anyway.... you get the idea : )

More to follow, including info about the best type of plastic bag to use!

: )

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