Thursday, September 14, 2017

Old Cedar Mantelpiece (2).

The Dust Mask.

[Photo: Clamps came off and the edging stayed in place. Gorilla Glue!]

Yesterday's big job, after removing three clamps from the cedar mantelpiece, was mixing a bit of wood filler that would closely match the lumber I used for the project. With the three colours of filler I keep on hand, I think I got pretty close.

One can see just a bit of filler, but after today's sanding, likely not. 

Today I don my ancient dust mask (I will look like a creature from The Fly) and do some sanding. Hopefully there will a light breeze heading toward Wortley Village. [ It pays to advertise : ) ] 

After sanding I will apply various finishes to a sample board.

What finish will win the day?

We'll find out after the dust flies.

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