Thursday, September 14, 2017

Little Libraries in Progress (2).

Three Doors in a Row.

[Photo: Western cedar trim finishes off the roof.]

Now that three assembled libraries stand tall on work tables, I will finish adding roof trim and make a start assembling three doors.

Roof trim required here:

 3/4-inch cedar siding makes a sturdy roof.

Strips of cedar trim will hide butt ends.

Some signage and support platforms are already painted:

Three doors require a few day's work, i.e., cutting, sanding, painting, adding plexiglass and hardware:

 Three doors will resemble this finished sample

 Drip edges are in place, and door hardware is available

Once doors, signage and interior shelves are completed, I'll be much closer to a delivery day:

September 3: A successful delivery day in Oxford Park.
G. Harrison, Yvonne Tyml and a very friendly pooch.
Photo by E. Kobes. Used with permission.

More to follow.

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