Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rietveld Crate Chairs: 1937 Design (2)

Soft Around the Edges

I'm baaaack  -  to work!

I've cut 22 pieces of lumber for each Rietveld crate chair and because the human body - mostly the hands, arms, back and butt (seldom do people sit on their heads) - will lounge in it, for hours on end, I like to soften edges where one's body will make contact. That's a lot of edges, and my neighbours usually know when I'm hard at work.

Next up - sanding 88 pieces of red cedar and white pine. Dust will fly.

More to follow.

Please link to Rietveld Crate Chairs: 1937 Design

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  1. Dust will fly Monday PM. Assembly begins on Tuesday PM, as long as I resist the urge to sleep through our heatwave. Visitors welcome, esp. bearing cold refreshments : )