Saturday, June 11, 2016

Upcoming Projects: Barnboard Birdhouses and More

Summer Line-up

Four new ones sit beside three that need some attention too

A side shelf inside the workshop is filling up, so I will soon need to turn my attention to "finishing that before I start this".

Four new ones, made from white pine barnboard, need entry holes and a good sanding. But first, I should add cedar roof slats (fresh cut yesterday) to two blue log cabins, and add an eye-catching perch to a yellow "Hobbit-style" model.

Oh yeah, and I need to affix an airplane and red cedar house to a unique metal stand.

As well, lumber for four chairs and a squirrel house demand attention.

It must be summer time!! Busy days ahead in the shop!

Please link to Upcoming Project: Purple Martin House(s)

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