Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rietveld Crate Chairs: 1937 Design (4)

Sanding is a Blast 

I'm ready to go. Gentlemen, start yer sanders!!

Thank goodness there was a lovely breeze yesterday. The sanding didn't go any faster because of it, but the wind blew constantly, and I stayed relatively cool - though in the sun - and could still breathe at the end of a 3-hour session of rolling a variety of stock over whirling sandpaper.

 Every piece fits nicely into place

Half-inch spacers speed up my work

700 sanded surfaces later, and while I assembled one of the seats, I thot, "Oh yeah, I guess I'd better buy wood screws!"

There's always somethin'.

Please link to Rietveld Crate Chairs: 1937 Design (3)

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