Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models (2)

In the Middle of Cedar Cedar Cedar

Even the little chimney is made from cedar

In the middle of cedar, cedar, cedar you will find the word cedar. And that's also what I find in the middle of a batch of birdhouses currently in progress inside the workshop. Delightful wood to measure, cut, assemble and smell all day.

This model is similar in shape to many others I build but seldom is it 100% western red cedar. I like the look of it, and because I am currently surrounded by cedar - a large pile sits just outside the workshop door - I think I'll be building more '100% cedar' models this summer.

I think a bit of cedar trim is on order

More to follow.

Please link to The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models (1)

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