Monday, July 18, 2016

The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models (1)

Four Batches, All in One Go

Set of 3 on the left - rescued western cedar boxes w pine roofs
Set of 3 in middle - red cedar faces w pine sides and roof slats

My next birdhouse sale will be held in late August, so for the next few weeks I will have several different goals in mind while working - in a relaxed manner - inside the workshop.

1. Finish 9 birdhouses (3 x 3 different models), i.e., add trim and paint

2. Deliver a finished squirrel house

3. Sand, assemble, paint and trim 6 additional (new, as of Saturday) red cedar models

4. Draft plans for three new projects. Details to follow

Squirrel house, centre - new and rescued (aged) pine barnboard
Set of 3 wren and chickadee houses on right - new red cedar 

Set of 6 houses - new red cedar for faces, roofs and sides. Smells good!

How does one relax when the temperature hits plus-30 inside the shop?

Turn on the big fan and play cool music!

More to follow.

Please link to The Production Line - 18 Birdhouses (6)

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