Friday, July 15, 2016

The Squirrel House (3)

One Sturdy Nesting Box

The box, from white and aged pine, stands about two feet high

Finishing touches were applied this afternoon, i.e., complimenting trim, a balcony for easy entry, fasteners to help attach the box to a tree, a small tree branch to allow a squirrel to zip from floor to floor, and latches for the side door.

 A squirrel will get from the top to bottom floor easily

 Side door will provide opportunities for clean-out and photography 

You can remove the top with one hand (while on a ladder perhaps) 

Easy entry - for a squirrel, that is!

Now that the box is done and ready for delivery, I will work on nine birdhouses (3 each of 3 different models), and create sketches for four upcoming and very interesting projects. Next birdhouse sale is in late August so I can move along at a leisurely pace, whatever that is!?

: )

Please link to The Squirrel House (2)

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