Thursday, July 13, 2017

Busy, Dusty Times 1.

For Wrens and Chickadees, and More.

[Photo: Six at a time!]

Inside The Annex (aka "The Odds and Sods Dept."), next to The Workshop, I found two cedar boards with damaged edges.

Perfect, I thought.

I was out of a certain type of birdhouse and the two boards - eight feet long - would cut up nicely for six of them, including the trim.

 Western cedar, so lovely to smell and assemble

 Easy paint job, first thing this p.m.

I assembled three before supper and think all six will be finished today except for the trim (all ready for two coats paint). Once finished I'll continue work on many other items standing at the ready as well.

Two birdhouses, a cedar feeder and little free library need work.

Dusty times, for certain.

Please link to The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models (3) 

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