Friday, July 7, 2017

Upcoming Projects: Artsy Slates 1.

Up on the Roof.

[Photo: Natural art work, slate from St. Paul's Cathedral, London]

I was given a number of slates from a local church (roof under repair at the time) and used a few for birdhouse roofs and a mailbox project. None of the slates are as distinctive as the one shown in this short blog entry.

I call this slate "The North Country" and will finish framing it inside a shadow box this afternoon. I will then place it on sale at a Saturday "Art in the Barn" event in Dorchester (tomorrow). If it doesn't sell I will hang it in my house.... because I really do like this artsy fartsy piece of nature's work.

Workshop Process:

 Two coats of varnish will lock in nature's grit and stains.

 Slate rests upon a western cedar platform... seems fitting.

 Slate and platform will be attached to painted (black) plywood backer board

 Western cedar frame will show off "The North Country"

I have more projects like the one above in mind. And don't be surprised if I one day frame the lid to the varnish tin. I'll call it "Moonscape No. 1".

: )

More to follow, once "The North Country" is framed.

Please link to Upcoming Projects: Libraries and a Shadow Box.

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