Saturday, July 15, 2017

Custom Project - "Play Ball!"

[Photo: Cheerful four-plex is in a sweet spot in Labatt Park]

A well-travelled baseball-themed birdhouse now sits atop a sturdy pole beside a historic clubhouse in one of the finest ballparks in North America.

Fresh paint shows off well in heavily-treed surroundings overlooking the park's concession stand, home of the world's finest hotdogs, says this well-fed birdhouse builder.

 Cheerful face of the two-bedroom unit looks into the trees

High security. Heavy screws attach unit to sturdy pole.

Units are now for rent, especially to local songbirds.

Swallows catch some sun outside the ball park! ("Go inside, guys!")

Two more makes a ball team.

Please link to Birdhouse Repair: Labatt Park Custom Model 7

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  1. Meet me at The Birdhouse, mon ami,
    Then we'll buy ourselves a ballpark ween-ie!

  2. Great idea, Butch. We can ask for the 'Players' Special' even though we're not on the team.