Monday, July 17, 2017

Busy, Dusty Times 3.

Fresher, No Pressure.

[Photo: New paint matches the bright hop vines in background!]

I am working on some small birdhouses, nice and easy, and while the paint cans were handy recently I added fresh coats to a yellow and green model that - in my opinion - needed a bit of a face lift.

The bird likes it!

I added a bench and wee birdhouse out front as well, to catch your eye. As people look over my birdhouses (at sales, bazaars, etc.), some ask if they can put birdseed on the bench and I reply in the affirmative.

That being said, I suggest that folks try setting up a bird feeder. Once birds locate it, they will return again and again, and soon folks will know which types of birds live in or near their neighbourhood.

Below: This is currently my last log cabin in stock, and I recently felt it needed a picket fence. I think I'll build another few cabins - and add the same features - in preparation for Gathering on the Green II (GOTG2), August 20.

More cabins to follow.

Please link to Busy, Dusty Times 2.

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